21 May 2009

Formulating a JetPens order...

I've been lusting over various JetPens products for some time now, but I haven't had the money to buy anything. Now with the divestment of several old tchotchkes that comes with our annual spring cleaning, I may have sufficient cashular resources. So this is what I've been thinking about:

That's all I can really think of right now. I'd also like recommendations for inexpensive fountain pens that take short international cartridges, and black paper filler paper or notebooks.

Thanks in advance!


  1. I would recommend the Pelikan Pelikano as a decent starter/refillable fountain pen. I also tried the Ohto F-Spirit, but so far haven't been as happy with it. Maybe it's the ink, but the nib is much scratchier than the Pelikano. Both were from Jetpens. I started with the Preppy and Petit1s and then got sucked in.

  2. Thanks for the Pelikano recommendation. It looks like a nice pen, and it's even available in a left handed version :D
    F-spirit and F-lapa from ohto are pretty.
    I'm no stranger to the world of fountain pens; I use a Parker 45 every day (:
    I've half a mind to get rid of the Uni-ball blue lead and Coleto for the Pelikano and a pencil case. Anyone have any first hand experience with one JetPens sell?

  3. I overhauled it... Blue lead and Coleto gone for pencil case, Tradio, Pelikano Jr, and lead sampler.